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X-Forms Training

Here you will find everything you need to implement X-Forms in your XNA game or extend on it with custom controls.
This training page is broken up into two sections. Using X-Forms in your game and extending on X-Forms to add additional functionality.

1.) Using X-Forms in your game

This section provides tutorials on creating and populating your GUI within your game.

1.1. Forms:
Tutorial Description
1.1.1 Preparing your game Walks you through adding the X-Forms Library to your project
1.1.2 Creating your first Form Shows how to create your first form and display it in your game.
1.1.3 Making Forms Static Explains how you can make a Form non-movable for static GUIs.
1.1.4 Removing Title Bars Demonstrates how to remove a Forms title bar
1.1.5 Removing or Editing Title Text Walks you through changing the title bars text or removing it regardless if a title bar is present or not.
1.1.6 Customizing the Forms background Provides examples on changing the way your Forms background looks. Demonstrates using Solid Colors and Textured Materials.

1.2 Buttons:
The majority of the tutorials pertaining to Forms can also be used for Buttons since they share the same code base.

Tutorial Description
1.2.1 Preparing your game Walks you through adding the X-Forms library to your project.
1.2.2 Create a Button Shows you how to create a Button that is placed on the viewport.
1.2.3 Event Triggers Provides code examples on how to execute code when certain actions are performed such as clicking or moving.

2.) Extending on X-Forms

This section shows examples on how to add additional functionality to the X-Forms Framework and use your custom content in your game.

2.1 Custom Forms:
Tutorial Description
2.1.1 Preparing for your game Walks you through adding the X-Forms Library to your project.

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